Via Bafile 113, Lido di Jesolo (Venice) +39 0421 380606

The welcoming art 10 months at year

As soon as you walk into our hotel lobby, you will see our trademark: the round glass window with the profile of Marco Polo.

We picked glass because it's transparent and bright, and that's how we want our relationship with you to be: based on clarity. We'd like to invite you to check everything we're illustrating here for yourselves when you get here.


What do you expect when you reach a seaside hotel?


Naturally, that the beach is within easy reach and fully equipped, that the rooms are comfortable, clean and bright, that the food is delicious, the service impeccable and the atmosphere welcoming and cosy.

You will get the chance to find all this and to appreciate it when you come and stay here.

As soon as you arrive, I will be welcoming you, together with my parents and my staff, because hospitality is a family tradition that extends to all who work here.


Artù, our West Highland terrier is part of the hotel welcoming committee, so if you're coming with your four-legged friend, that's not a problem.

We have always welcomed pets and are fully aware that you can't leave your trusted friends at home when you go on holiday. Since dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer, rest assured that all our rooms have lino or parquet flooring, which is washable and hygienic, and they all have a balcony where your friends can look out for you while you're at the beach.

There is a park near the hotel where you can take them for a nice walk and some fresh air.

We will take care of you, providing any specific dietary requirements, for vegetarians, vegans, Celiacs, and we will prepare some delicious mouth-watering breakfasts.



We offer you our very best and, if you ever make a request we cannot accommodate, we are certain you will still appreciate the friendly and cosy atmosphere here.

As soon as you step into our lobby, the atmosphere you breathe in will make you feel completely at home.


Carlotta Capeleto


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